Industry Leading Color Management

If you want exact spot(Absolute) color matching for your digitally printed textiles, RIPMaster from Wirth Software, Germany, provides you with the most accurate solution.

RIPMaster's CTB profiles deliver the lowest DeltaE's and largest color gamut's of any digital textile printing RIP & color management solution. Everything needed to create CTB profiles is built-in to the RIPMaster add-on PROFILEMaster.

Compare your printer color accuracy with our average DeltaE's of < 1 !

  • Click on the link to the right and download our 'DPI Lab Test'.
  • Print it with your chosen RIP/Profile.
  • Measure your printed colors and compare your DeltaE's with those detailed in the 'CTB DeltaE Results.pdf'. If you need a DeltaE calculator, there's a link on the right to Bruce Lindbloom's.


See how prints from RIPMaster compare with those from a popular online supplier of digitally printed textiles. Download a scan of the printed fabrics using the link on the right.

For all photographic(Perceptual) printing workflows RIPMaster supports the use of ICC profiles.We recommend the use of i1Profiler from x-rite for superior ICC profiles with large color gamuts.